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The DAC Fellowship is a semester-long arts incubator program for students who are committed to completing a creative project. Over the course of the Fall 2020 semester, Fellows  meet on a weekly basis to ideate, iterate on, and implement their projects.

The Fellowship connects students to professional mentorship and a creative community, and culminates in an end-of-semester group showcase where Fellows exhibit their completed works. We are seeking students passionate about the arts to apply for Fall 2020.

Through the Fellowship, students will:
  • Complete a portfolio-worthy creative work;
  • Connect with a tight-knit cohort of like-minded Fellows;
  • Gain exposure to emerging artists, concepts and techniques;
  • Receive feedback from creatives, artists and faculty;
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their own artistic process;
  • Showcase their work alongside other Fellows at the end of the semester.

Why apply?
  • Structure: The Fellowship is designed to help you take a project from idea to execution.
  • Community: Your cohort of 4-6 Fellows will form a tight-knit group that meets regularly throughout the semester.
  • Feedback: Discuss ideas and get feedback from artists, professors and your peers.
  • Creative growth: Learn and grow as a creative as you develop a greater understanding of other artists, techniques and processes.
  • Make your mark: This is an opportunity to complete and exhibit a significant creative project while at Duke – art major or not!

Applications are open from July 7 to July 31, 2020.
We will be in touch with decisions on or before August 5.
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Who can apply?
We welcome any Duke students committed to completing a creative project over the course of the semester. Each Fellow will pursue an individual project of their own, but exhibit their work as a part of a group Fellowship showcase at the end of the semester.

We know it’s easy to let your creative passions fall by the wayside at Duke. We encourage you to apply if the Fellowship interests you, regardless of your declared major/minor.

Can I apply as a group?
Yes, you can apply individually or as a group.
Although we are open to groups of all sizes, our priority is to maintain a small and tight-knit Fellowship cohort. Individual or small-group applications are preferred.

Will I be working on an individual project, or a shared project with other Fellows?
Both options are possible! We anticipate that most Fellows will pursue individual projects of their own, but Fellows are welcome to collaborate on a shared project together after meeting through the Fellowship.

What qualities are we looking for in our Fellows? 
We are looking for students who fit some or all of the following criteria:
  1. Deeply passionate about the arts and committed to pursuing their creative passions at Duke and beyond
  2. Self-driven: takes the initiative to pursue their goals
  3. Looking for a community and mentorship to support them in their practice
  4. Collaborative team player willing to work with and alongside others
  5. Open to creating interdisciplinary artwork
  6. Have prior experience with creative work, indicating a demonstrated ability to commit to complete creative projects

What does the time commitment look like?
Over 14 weeks, Fellows will meet once a week for 1-2 hours each to discuss learnings, updates, research and feedback with one another.
Outside of these weekly meetings, we estimate Fellows will spend up to 8 hours/week working on their individual projects.

Will I get academic credit?
The Fellowship does not guarantee academic credit. Fellows are more than welcome to apply separately for independent study credit with their Fellowship project. Please note this in your application if you are interested in doing so.

What kinds of creative mediums and disciplines can Fellows pursue?
Fellows are free to explore any creative projects through the Fellowship. The term “creative” encompasses all creative practices – including (but not limited to) visual arts, documentary film, music, photography, theater, dance, interactive art, generative art and literature.

Do I need to have a project in progress when I apply for the Fellowship?
No, but we encourage you to think about potential projects before the school year begins. The Fellowship is not for continuing projects you have started. It is designed to help Fellows start and complete an artistic project from scratch based on their personal interests and experiences.

What if I’m planning on attending classes remotely during the Fall semester?
We designed the Fellowship to be remote-friendly, and will work with Fellows to accommodate their situation. Don’t let this be a reason not to apply!

Do similar programs exist at Duke?
The DAC Fellowship is a unique opportunity at Duke. We created it because we felt the need for something like this to exist here 🙂
For students looking to continue existing, advanced projects, check out StudioDuke by Duke Arts and Duke I&E!

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