Duke Artist Collective is a growing community of student-creatives on Duke campus. Our goal is to foster a culture of creative pursuit at Duke by helping students grow and learn as artists, navigate artistic opportunities at Duke, and bring creative projects to life.

The Collective was founded upon the belief that in order for creatives to grow, they need to immerse themselves in an artistic environment, surrounded by creatives and creative projects alike. This immersion provides an artistic exchange of ideas, practices, and knowledge that serves as an invaluable foundation for creative growth.

The Collective aims to create such a culture here at Duke: the Collective will not only serve as a community of artists, but also provide a space for students to share and discuss ideas, grow as artists and creatives, and pursue creative projects together.

The term “creative” includes individuals across all creative practices, even those who may not formally consider themselves artists. Our members pursue interests across a variety of disciplines, including visual arts, documentary film, music, photography, theater, generative art and literature.


  1. To create a space and community for students seeking creative growth on Duke campus.
  2. To foster discussion,  learning  and collaboration between student-creatives.
  3. To encourage the development of creative projects, and to provide students with the resources and support in order to succeed.
  4. To develop a set of resources helping students navigate and explore the arts scene at Duke.
  5. To work together in fostering a creative culture at Duke.


Many students arrive at Duke with a long-standing passion for the arts, having pursued art, theater, music and more throughout high school and middle school. However, the majority of these students choose not to continue pursuing their artistic passions at Duke. The recent Class of 2019 graduated just under 15 Visual Arts majors, compared to 150+ Computer Science majors.

Part of the problem stems from the way artistic pursuits are valued at Duke. The career-driven atmosphere drives many students towards more conventional, “stable” majors. And while Duke does offer artistic outlets through academic departments and organized programming, students often find it difficult to navigate and commit to these opportunities, especially given their limited time and energy.

Duke Artist Collective takes a two-pronged approach to this problem, focusing on 1) building a community of student-creatives at Duke, and 2) fostering a creative culture on campus. We believe it is incredibly important to support students’ creative passions at Duke, and we want to show students that it is possible to pursue art here along with their other interests.

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